About Us


With over 40 locations (and growing!), 1000 Degrees is a powerhouse in the pizza and fast casual industry. In five years of operation, they have extended their services to offer a Roman crust, unlimited topping salads, and fire roasted wings. Their innovative spirit landed them prestigious positioning as one of the “Future 50” for 2018 and 2019. 1000 Degrees specializes in unlimited topping pizzas cooked to perfection in only two minutes. For more information, follow your closest location on Facebook to stay up to date on all of the latest promotions and offerings.


Starting with a fine milled “tipo 00 style” Neapolitan flour, all of our restaurants make their dough fresh daily. The tastiest crust in pizza starts with that, but doesn’t end there. Once our dough is mixed in the old Italian fork and dividing arm style mixer, it is double fermented and proofed with the highest standards in mind.  At 1000 Degrees, all of our dough balls are hand divided and stretched for the best homemade pizza experience outside of your home.


Most pizza places nowadays are lazy. They take the “fresh” right out their dough by utilizing a dough sheeter, or even worse, a dough press machine. These devices work by pre-cooking the dough, and smashing it into what looks more like a paper dish than a pizza. There is no more air or pockets of it left in the dough crust to let it bake to its full potential. This trend is becoming increasingly more common in a pursuit to take shortcuts on what should be an authentic experience. Fortunately for our guests, we are here to continue providing a true, traditional pizza service from start to finish.


Several things have us stacked above the rest:  

1.  Our pizzas cook in only two minutes; really! They take just 120 seconds to reach perfection using our high heat, rotating brick ovens.

2. We must use the highest quality cheeses and meats in all of our pizza recipes!  At 1000 Degrees, our specially formulated shredded mozzarella cheese is the best in the business and no one else comes close. 1000 Degrees uses premium cheeses including Fresh Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmesan, and others. We also feature a vegan/dairy free cheese for our lactose intolerant and vegan friends!

3. Unique experiences are our specialty! We don’t pidgeon-hole our guests into just choosing their pizza from a preset menu. With the many ingredients we stock daily, the options for your pizza are virtually unlimited!

4. Our form of food service is also a creative endeavor. We aim to build every pizza as beautifully as the last and with the care of an artist working on a masterpiece.

5. Our wings aren’t wet or greasy, just oven roasted and sauced all the way around! Instead of deep-frying our chicken, we let our oven bake it to a crispy texture. We also never skimp on the sauce and offer six top notch choices: Buffalo, Honey Garlic, Smoky Bourbon BBQ, Pesto, Garlic Parmesan, and Sriracha!

6. The salads we make are fresh and just as varied as our pizza with a build-your-own option!


1000 Degrees is very aware that communities around our stores are what make us successful. We're also aware that it is important to be a part of the neighborhood and not just located within them. We promote the notion to be involved with local events and practice regular community outreach. Everyone who walks into our locations are guests, not just customers. Personal, courteous service is what we strive for, for each guest. We do not have transactions, but experiences.